5 Ways A Band Leader Needs To Think

5 Ways A Band Leader Needs To Think

At our church, we have what we call a ‘band-leader’ rostered on each service. This person will have a microphone that can be heard by the whole band on stage, via their in-ear monitors. It’s the responsibility of the band leader to musically direct the service in support of the worship leader. Here are some of my thoughts in my own approach to band-leading here at C3 Oxford Falls...

5 questions to ask yourself when writing a worship song

1. Is it birthed of the flesh or of the Spirit?

A worship song doesn’t come from you, it comes through you. 

Don’t let your striving to write a worship song get in the way of what God is wanting to say. 

Pray! Read the bible! Be guided by the Holy Spirit.


2. Is it lyrically & melodically singable?

If our creative expressions hinder people from connecting with God, we miss the point. 

Melodies need to be memorable and easy to sing. They need to draw worship out of people. 

The lyrics can’t be too cryptic or ambiguous. What makes sense to you may not make sense to someone else.


3. Do your lyrics come into line with 1 theme?

A song will sound cliché when it’s been ‘thrown together’. 

Identify the theme, message & heart of the song and make sure every section ties in lyrically. 

Cross reference scripture.


4. Is the song theologically correct?

Worship songs shape people’s view of God and therefore it’s important that our lyrics are theologically correct.

Find someone with a good understanding of God’s word to look over the lyrics.

Always point people to Jesus!


5. Have you asked for feedback?

What our leaders, pastors and even peers (at times) think is important. They might see something we don’t. 

Be secure. Be humble. Hold onto the song with a loose grip.

Collaboration is king!



Prayer is all about relationship. None of us should be identified by our gifting or platform but by the quality of our relationship with God. Our motivation for prayer can get foggy. Either we don’t pray because it’s too hard or we forget or we come to God rushed, with wrong motives and then wonder why we didn’t get anywhere. Once we understand what prayer is, everything changes.